Frank Born
In the winter of 2007 I began work on a 43 foot painting. Because I wanted it to be of one cloth and because it entailed painting portraits from life, I had to find solutions to two problems. The first was how to stretch a 43 foot canvas and the second was how to design an easel that would allow me to work on only a small portion at one time and roll the rest out of the way. Once these issues were resolved I then invited the nine subjects to participate, each committing to five days of sittings. After that, I worked on inventing the background.

I wanted to work at a scale so large that it altered the normal viewing time and altered the space it took to experience the work. I wanted to document my own generation by painting portraits of my nine closest friends. In any portrait made from life, the communication between subject and painter becomes the communication between painting and viewer.

Another aspect of this work is pictorial space. I have an ongoing interest in creating a distant pictorial space. I was also concerned with the area that surrounds the solid figure, the border between the figure and an enveloping air.